Hanna Stotland, Admissions Consultant

Private consultant to help you achieve your educational dreams

Why hire a college admissions consultant?

College applications can be stressful and confusing. Many families do not know where to begin. High school counselors may be overworked and unable to give each student maximum attention. They may have a narrow set of schools they recommend to all students. They often speak only to the student, leaving the parents wondering what is going on and unable to judge the quality of the advice.

There is no substitute for guidance from an expert who has been through the process many times before. Your counselor should provide exactly the assistance you want from a menu of options, including:

  •  Helping the student to discover his/her educational goals and locate colleges that meet them
  • Setting realistic estimates for reach, match, and safety schools
  • Creating and reinforcing a timeline for application tasks
  • Coaching the student on essay topics and composition
  • Accompanying the student on campus visits
  • Targeting merit scholarships (where available)
  • Reassuring all members of the family as they navigate the high school years

A private counselor can also provide a critical buffer between a young person and his or her parents. Teens may resist any suggestions that come from parents, but readily accept the same advice from a neutral third party.

Why hire Hanna Stotland?

Hanna views the entire family as the client. She works with each family individually to determine the best way to serve its needs. Some parents want regular updates and direct contact with the counselor; others prefer to place the student in charge of the relationship. Hanna's goal is always to minimize stress and bring about the best outcome for all members of the family.

Hanna's years of working with young people, as well as her love and enthusiasm for that work, enable her to create a fun and relaxed counseling atmosphere. Her line-by-line critique of application essays helps the student to grow as a writer, expressing a natural, honest point of view. Getting into Harvard as a high school dropout prepared her for even the toughest admissions challenge.

 In addition to professional development conferences, Hanna travels the country to visit dozens of colleges and universities every year. She meets admissions officers, talks with students, takes tours, and eats in the dining halls in order to give you the latest information about developments on campus. In 2014, she visited 34 campuses in 10 states. In the first five months of 2015, she visited 15 campuses in 8 states. If there's a campus you're interested in, there's a good chance that Hanna has been there recently and can give you a first-hand impression of its students, staff, and resources. 

Telephone, videoconference, or in-person counseling or campus visits: per hour.

Essay/personal statement commentary: per draft.

Comprehensive counseling packages are also available by arrangement.

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